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TotalGuard™: An all-in-one solution providing you with video, impact activated audio, glass break detection, wireless support and so much more.

TotalGuard™ is packed with many and exciting features, including the ability to stream live audio on an alarm event. TotalGuard™ also now incorporates “impact activated audio detection” for volumetric coverage of a facility.  Coverage is volumetric in scope and is comparable to the coverage pattern of the AUDIO SENSOR. Audio detection can only occur when the system is Armed.

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TotalGuard™ Applications

For Video Verification resulting from an Impact Audio alarm, it’s best to position the device such that the assests to be protected are in viewing range of the camera. Other cameras that are positioned such that the assests are in viewing range can be used for Video Verification as well.

When Impact Audio is enabled, once audio is present that crosses a specific audio threshold, the camera will stream audio to the Central Station. If the system is configured to allow Video Verification on an Impact Audio event, the Operator can view both live and playback video associated with the event.

When an Impact Audio event occurs, the camera will stream 5 seconds of stored audio (pre-event), followed by a live stream of audio.

Wireless Devices


  • Impact activated Audio Detection
  • Glass break analytics
  • Integrated PIR Sensor
  • Digital Alarm Input/Output
  • Entry/Exit Delay Annunciation
  • Integrates with Existing Sonitrol System as an add-on Sensor
  • 2-Way "Local" Audio



  • Central Station Integration for Video Verification
  • Interfaces with mySonitrolV3.0 and the Sonitrol Mobile App to View Real-Time Images and Stored Video
  • 64GB on Board Storage (optional)
  • 2MP camera, High Resolution with Digital Zooming
  • Lightweight with a Small Footprint
  • Easy set-up and installation
Wireless Hub
Wireless Hub